Your First bet

Before starting, We suggest you access the calculator through your free trial included HERE

For this explanation we will split the calculator into two parts, your first bet and your second. 

FREE BET AMOUNT: The promotional risk free bet amount, usually anywhere between $100:500 

HEDGE 1: How much you want to hedge your bet. Moving the slider changes the net return. If you would rather have a smaller GUARANTEED profit vs. a larger risky profit: change this. 

BET 1 ODDS: The odds for the “likely” outcome

BET 2 ODDS: The odds for the “unlikely” outcome


BET AMOUNT: The size of bet to place on each outcome, Bet 1 corresponds with BET 1 ODDS, Bet 2 with BET 2 ODDS. 

RETURNS: How much the bet should return. This should be visible on the sportsbook while placing bets, useful for double checking bets. 

NET RETURN: How much overall the bet will return, a net return in the negatives is fine for your first bet, however the larger the loss, the less money is left on the table. In order to avoid losing money BET 2 should always be zero or positive. 

EFFICIENCY: How much potential profit is retained. This is a good performance metric for measuring return. Typically 75:90% is good, 95% is great.