The “risk free bet” and it’s risk

The promotion this guide utilizes is the abundant “Risk Free Bet”. While I always recommend thoroughly reading any promotions terms and conditions, the majority of them contain the same roadblocks to prevent the average Joe from using it to profit. 

The way this promotion usually works is, if your first bet loses, you are reimbursed with a credit or “free bet” of the same value lost, up to their promotional limit. This bet comes with tons of strings attached. The most important are:

  • Bet must be placed on a wager with certain odds or greater (usually unlikely odds)
  • It cannot be withdrawn 
  • If a bet is won, the promotional credit is not returned (instead of getting the $500 you wagered back with your winnings, you receive just the winnings)

These restrictions make it impossible to use the promotion to generate a profit from the promoting sportsbook.