Playing both sides

So if it’s impossible to profit, why does this guide exist?

Instead of relying on one sportsbook, we use two. When you place your first bet for the promotion you wager on something “unlikely”, usually 3+ odds. At the same time you wager on the other outcome at a second sportsbook. Wager amounts can be calculated with the included program see “The Calculator Explained Your First Bet” section for more info. After placing the wagers, let’s look at the possible outcomes:

Sportsbook 1 wins

In the event our unlikely wager on the First sportsbook wins, the money spent on the second sportsbook should be 100% recouped. In this case you just withdraw your cash and move on to the next promotion having won nothing, but more importantly, you lost nothing. 

Sportsbook 2 wins

Wagers are placed so if the bet on the First sportsbook loses, Money will be recouped on the second sportsbook. This is not a 1-1 trade, some money is lost as predicted by our calculator THIS IS OK. 

After Sportsbook 2 wins is when you have a chance to profit. Your account on Sportsbook 1 should be automatically credited with a free bet. If this is not the case contact support to make sure you get it!

Using the provided calculator, place a second bet on both sides of another sporting event. This is similar to what we did before. Once again the wager on Sportsbook 1 should be placed on an “Unlikely” outcome, and Sportsbook 2 should have a wager on the “likely” side. Like the last bet,  there are two outcomes. You either break even or make money. Alternatively you can change the wager values to guarantee a lesser profit. For more info see “The Calculator Explained Your Second Bet, or Tips and Tricks”

Note: It is required that you place wagers on sports with only two outcomes. Sports such as HOCKEY, BASKETBALL, and AMERICAN FOOTBALL work great.

FOOTBALL(SOCCER) or any other sports with commonly tied games will NOT WORK.