Guaranteed profit: It is possible to generate a guaranteed profit using risk free bets by playing with both Hedge Sliders. The amount is usually around 25-50% of the actual promotion.

When calculating your first bet set HEDGE 1 such that BET 2 NET RETURN is equal to half of the promotional amount.

This way, if BET 2 wins, you profit $250, but if it loses you still have value left on the table for your second bet.

If BET 1 wins, then we place a second bet with the provided Risk Free Bet from the promotion and set the HEDGE 2 slider such that both NET RETURNS are similar:

Larger Promotions: Sometimes Sportsbooks have even larger promotions available, it never hurts to ask live chat support what promotions are available.

More Promotions: Sportsbooks will keep giving you money! Many Sports Betting apps will send out random promotions anywhere between $50-$250 for a single day. Even if you got your bonus from one site it pays to keep their app on your phone or visit them once a weekend.