Biggest Bonuses
Caesars Sportsbook
Amount: $5000

With a signup bonus of up to $5000, it's hard to beat Caesars Sportsbook in terms of opportunity. The site is based on the same framework as many other sportsbooks so it should be familiar to most bonus hunters. Their odds tend to be on par with other sportsbooks as well. The only downside is there doesn't seem to be any way to change the odds format. Despite this, Caesars Sportsbook is the current "white whale" for bonus hunting.

Easiest Bonus (Tie)
Sugarhouse and Unibet

Amount: $250

The easiest Bonus on our list is a tie between Sugarhouse and Unibet. Don't let the lower signup bonus fool you, this is some easy money. Both sites offer bonuses in the form of deposit matching. If you're a frequent reader of easybonushunting then you know this is a red flag (if not, read up HERE).

What is unique about Sugarhouse and Unibet is the terms of their deposit match, they only "require" a 1 X rollover. Meaning, place your bet + back bet, then regardless of the outcome you can immediately withdraw funds from the sportsbook. In addition to the simplicity of only needing to bet on one match, there is an efficiency to it as well. Expect to make $200-230 easily.

Expect both Sugarhouse and Unibet to have identical odds and UI. Both offer the option to change odds formats which is a plus. If you are just getting into bonus hunting, both sites are great for beginners.

Best Casino Bonuses

Amount: $600

While easybonushunting focuses mainly on surefire sportsbetting, we can't ignore some of the great casino bonuses offered by BetMGM here. They offer 10 daily free spins of their virtual wheel. With free $5 slot plays occuring multiple times a week. You won't be vacotioning off of the free plays but it's a fun way to pass the time and possibly earn a bit more cash. Plus, its free, you can't lose.

In addition to the casino bonuses BetMGM also has a pretty great risk free bet promotion of $600, plus a familiar site framework that supports changing bet formats. There is a lot to like from BetMGM

Best Overall

Amount: $1000

While we couldn't find any one thing about Fanduel that is head and heels above the competition, it is too note worthy to leave out. It's widespread availability in the US is great, as is the UI and option to change the odds format. We also can't ignore the $1000 risk free bet which is was class leading up until September of 2021 when Caesars implemented their aggresive promotion.

Best Recurring Bonuses

Amount: $500

Wynnbet is a bit less widespread than other sportsbooks on our list here, only available in X states, but it is great if you can access it. On top of the great $500 risk free bet, they have been known to offer multiple larger risk free bets after your initial signup, generally multiple $200-$250. Vigilant (active readers!) can end up with $1000+ worth of bonus potential easily.

It should be noted that these large recurring bonuses tend to come quick and only for very limited time, usually expiring the same day they are announced.

This is a great example for why we would love for you to consider our Bonus hunter insider option, stay on top of large recurring bonuses with daily (sometimes more) updates to stay in the loop and never miss out on a bonus hunting opportunity!