Sportsbook specific

WARNING: These are sportsbook specific and will only work with the corresponding sportsbook. Furthermore, while we strive to keep this as up to date as possible, it is possible that these tips are no longer accurate. Use at your own risk!

Fanduel: At the time of writing Fanduel will allow a user to cashout and withdraw their “Risk Free Bet”. So after your first bet is lost, place a second wager with your risk free bet only on Fanduel (no need to place a bet on another sportsbook). After the match has started you should be able to “cash out” and then withdraw your bet.

Fanduel: Building upon the first Fanduel tip, if a user leaves their bet in-play long enough and their wagered team starts winning, there is the potential to win more than the promotional $1000. When a bet is cashed out on Fanduel it does not subtract the promotional amount as with other sportsbooks.

Unibet: At the time of writing Unibet’s risk free promotion is actually risk free. You should be able to withdraw your funds after the first bet is lost. This will result in a more “sure” profit and a higher efficiency since there is no need for a second bet to be placed. It is recommended to use the guaranteed profit method with Unibet and playing with the HEDGE 1 slider. In this case profit can be calculated for BET 1 by taking NET RETURN for BET 1 and adding $250, profit for BET 2 is just the value of NET RETURN.