If you are relatively new to online gambling, you may not be familiar with the bonuses that the vast majority of gambling sites give away to new customers. These bonuses can get pretty large in order to entice said new customers. 

The idea back then was to try and make a profit, withdraw it, and then move on to the next site. This is no longer feasible.

When sites first started offering bonuses they were generally a lot more generous than they are today. We don’t necessarily mean in relation to how much they gave away, but in terms of how easy it was to meet the required terms and conditions. In many cases, there were certain strategies you could use to guarantee making a profit.

These days the terms and conditions tend to be a lot stricter, making it that much harder. 

The method outlined in this guide takes a novel approach where these terms and conditions do not matter. From the sportsbook’s perspective, you were another sucker that lost all your money.