In this example we will assume BET 1 won. After BET 1 wins, put the recorded BET 1 + BET 2 odds into the calculator as before then find another match with favorable odds and put them in the GAME 2 section under BET 3 and BET 4 respectively. 

For the second game we found slightly better odds. However, notice BET 4 has a NET RETURN of $-88. Since this is the second wager BET 3 AND BET 4 NET RETURNS must be greater than $0 to prevent losses.

 We can fix this by adjusting the HEDGE 2 slider.

This way there is no money lost if BET4 wins, and a strong profit is made if BET 3 wins. 

Now that we have found a second game to bet on with favorable odds. Use your “RISK FREE BET” from Book 2 to place BET 4, and place BET 3 ($1232) on Book 1, This process is similar to the first match we bet on. 

After that is done all you need to do is wait! If things go well, BET 3 wins and you profit $342, however even if BET 4 wins, you do not lose money.