Optional step:

Contact LIVE CHAT on book 2 and confirm that the risk free bet is not OPT-IN, if it is, ask to be granted the promotion.

“Hello, I am inquiring about the promotional free bet, do I need to do anything to get it?” Most sportsbooks will say you will receive your free bet if your first bet loses, which is fine. 

Note: You MUST place wagers on sports with only two outcomes. Sports such as HOCKEY, BASKETBALL, and AMERICAN FOOTBALL work great.

FOOTBALL(SOCCER) or any other sports with commonly tied games will NOT WORK.

Look through both books and find a two outcome match with high moneyline odds discrepancy E.G 1.3 vs 3.55. The lower (likely) betting odds should be from Book 1, the higher (unlikely) from Book 2. 

Pictured below is the odds for the same basketball game from different sportsbooks. Notice moneyline for Indiana is higher on Book 2 here


Now take those odds and put them into the calculator. Our promotional risk free bet is $500 so we input  500 for FREE BET AMOUNT

We can see that with these odds, the first bet has an efficiency of 82%, not bad. We will continue using these odds, however efficiencies of 90%+ happen all the time if you are patient. 

Results explained:

If BET 1 wins, $88 is lost but this is GOOD, it means you get your free bet $500 and that is where you profit. If BET 2 wins, you breakeven and withdraw the funds to move on to the next sportsbook. 

Since the odds check out, place your bets on the respective sportsbooks + teams, using the values from the BET AMOUNT column in the results chart. In this case we bet $500 on Indiana @ 3.35 in BOOK 2, and $1,175 on Purdue @ 1.35 in Book 1. Note how the returns on the sportsbooks match our RETURNS column on the calculator. It’s good to double check this to verify no mistakes were made. 

Make sure to record BET 1 + BET 2 odds, you will need them later. 

After this, wait for the wager to settle (game to end)

WARNING: It is IMPERATIVE that your first bet is done correctly and CANNOT BE CASHED OUT. Most sportsbooks have clauses that void the promotion if you do so.

If you have cashed out your first bet you may have luck convincing live chat to re-enable your promotion by saying you didn’t know better or it was an accident (which it was) but this is not something to rely on.